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Chinese Navy:

-Profile: 056 class corvette

-Profile: 054A class frigate

-Profile: 052C class destroyer

-Profile: HHQ-9 naval SAM

-Profile: 052D class destroyer

-Comparing 052D and “aegis”

-Profile: Chinese Navy VLS

-Projection: 055 class destroyer overview

-Projection: 055 class destroyer role and comparison

-Profile: 055 class destroyer

-Projection: Chinese Navy surface combatant ORBAT

-Profile: Liaoning class aircraft carrier

-History: Chinese Navy carrier review

-History: 001A class aircraft carrier

-Projection: Chinese Navy carrier future

-Profile: J-15 naval fighter

-Profile: 071 class LPD

-Projection: Chinese Navy carrier airwing

-Profile: Chinese Navy diesel submarine fleet

-Profile: Chinese Navy nuclear submarine fleet

-Profile: Y-8Q/GX6 ASW MPA

-Profile: Chinese Navy ASW helicopters

-Profile: Chinese Navy replenishment ships


Chinese Air Force:

-History: J-20/J-XX stealth fighter review

-Projection: J-20 sensors and mission avionics

-Projection: J-20 weapons suite

-Commentary: J-20 gun armament

-Commentary: J-20, striker or interceptor?

-Profile: J-10 fighter family

-Profile: China’s Flanker fighter family

-Commentary: Chinese Air Force strike limitations and capabilities

-Profile: China’s H-6 bomber family

-Projection: Chinese Air Force bomber future

-Profile: Chinese military aviation AEW&C aircraft and capabilities

-Profile: Chinese military aviation EW aircraft and capabilities



-Assessing the East China Sea ADIZ

-Assessing the viability of militarization of the South China Sea islands

-Disposition of US military forces in the Western Pacific

-China’s strategic objectives in the Western Pacific



-Sociological consequences of a war between US and China

-The historical basis of China’s military requirements

-Psychological challenges of self-image due to the rise of China

-Seeds of discord: media commentary on China