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The growth of China as an economic and political power in recent decades has been followed by an impressive modernization of the Chinese military (also called the People’s Liberation Army, or PLA). However, substantial confusion, nervousness, and bias surround many mainstream media coverage about Chinese military development, partly due to the PLA’s high operational security and opacity, which prohibits access to reliable updates on China’s military. However, some accurate and compelling information are available via open access Chinese language sources, if one knows where to find it — these include forums, magazines, defense expos, scientific articles, and occasional state media releases. Such sources are keenly followed by multiple communities dedicated to watching the Chinese military. These communities critically examine rumours, pictures and news, through the application of logic, cross referencing, and discussion, to ultimately form conclusions and hypotheses.

PLA RealTalk leverages the above communities to provide general and valid information on Chinese military matters, as well as report on the newest Chinese military developments. It is hoped that this site will be a useful resource for all individuals interested in the PLA, whether they are a newcomer to military watching, or an experienced veteran in PLA affairs.

The nature of the Chinese military means most of this site’s content will surround Chinese Naval and Air Force developments, however given the nature of modern warfare, naval and air power are also arguably the most relevant military capabilities of a nation.


About the author:

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Rick Joe is a fellow who has a strange name and exists in the form of a floating head (see picture on right for a very realistic artist’s depiction). He has been a watcher of the Chinese military for the better side of a decade, and considers himself well versed in the eccentricities associated with the Chinese military not present in the military forces of other nations. He is very much a dove rather than a hawk, and hopes PLA RealTalk will contribute to the mass of professional and semi-professional discussion surrounding the Chinese military, and help to inform greater mutual understanding between China and the world to achieve mutually acceptable peaceful existence.

In his spare time, he enjoys staring at a computer screen with a dazed expression and referring to himself (myself) in third person. For my day job, I am a student studying something which is associated with saving people’s lives. Believe me, it’s quite difficult to do when you’re merely a floating head.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in contributing to PLA RealTalk, or if you seek to claim credit for a particular photo or tidbit of information, or if you have any other professional or personal inquiries.

Cheers, Rick

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PLA RealTalk depicts information and pictures from a variety of open sources, including discussion forums such as Sino Defence Forum as well as China Defence Forum. Many pictures and photos are drawn from sites and forums in turn reposted from Chinese internet boards, and the photographers cannot be adequately credited, however many thanks goes to the wall climbers, journalists, and professional photographers who provide the pictures originally. Watermarks on photos are retained whenever practically possible. Please email me if you wish to claim credit for a particular photo.